Silk coffee bar, Caringbah

silk cafe bar, caringbah

Single origin roasters coffee. 350 The Kingsway, Caringbah. News of this cafe was brought to me by a commenter on this site: they’ve been open around 3 weeks at the time of writing, and they’re certainly raising the bar for interior design and commitment to coffee quality in Caringbah.

Step inside this narrow, cafe and – past the fridge where is cooling the for-sale bottled water and the self-serve water – there’s seating all along the mirrored left-hand-side wall. Low tables and stools are the majority seating option – if you’d like to sit higher up then try the stools outside, or at the bench at the back of the cafe.

where the magic happens, silk, caringbah

In the food window are a choice of sandwiches, some brownies and raspberry breads: not a wide menu, as their focus is on tea and coffee.

The coffee is the good news. They know what they’re doing – there’s a separate grinder for decaf, even though they’re not selling a great deal of it – and the milk work is as silky as the name of the cafe would suggest.

decaf latte, silk, caringbah

If you’re looking for a place to sit comfortably, in pleasant surrounds, with good coffee, then this is one to add to the list. If you bring kids, then there’s even a blackboard wall and some chalk for them to play with!

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  1. Hey Dave,

    Glad you got the chance to check it out. I have been back many times since my first visit. I really love the single origin blend. It tends to work well with milk-based as well as black coffees.

    The quality of coffee in the “shire” keeps getting higher! It’s great for the coffee drinker 🙂

  2. Hi Dave,

    I visited this cafe on your recommendation… and i must say i was disappointed…. they must have changed the coffee or the barista as when i went the coffee was awful… which would match the attitude of the staff…. when i informed her that the coffee was burnt, she accused me of not knowing good coffee….

    While the quality of coffee in the ‘shire’ keeps getting higher, it certainly isnt at Silk….

  3. Hi Dave
    Ouch on the last comment. Far from my experiences at Silk. I would hate to see one persons not-so-positive opinion tarnish the reputation of a long needed great coffee bar in Caringbah. Love the coffee, love the manager, love the ambience of the place. Definately up there with the best in the shire.

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