Shot cafe, Mosman

Shot cafe, Mosman

Allpress espresso. 1100 Middle Head Rd, Mosman. From the outside, this looks like an old school canteen building, but it’s much more than that. outdoor and indoor seating, and a space (labelled “bark park”) for dogs to grab a drink of water.

where the magic happens - Shot cafe, Mosman

It’s a beautiful place to spend some time (especially outdoors, with a great view of the water). The Sunday afternoon crowd seems to be choosing tea more often than coffee, which seems ominous, but perhaps just reflects the preferences of a crowd who are – in part – from later in life than your average cafe clientele.

Shot cafe, Mosman

Coffee (there’s no decaf grinder in sight) is really nice – the milkwork is good, and the coffee is slightly sweet. There are a few problems with the rest of the takeaway service – seems that the communication amongst the staff could be better. Overall, though, this is a place that’s worth searching out and experiencing.

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