movie: In Time

Movie: In Time

From the writer and director of Gattaca (a well-executed sci-fi film with Ethan Hawke from the late 90’s), the trailer for this film intrigued me, and so – with not many choices – I ended up seeing it on the big screen. Justin Timberlake (who seems to have made the move from pop-singer to actor fairly well) is headlining this film, with Amanda Siefried, Cilian Murphy and Olivia Wilde.

The premise of the film is introduced really quickly and effectively: everyone in the world is genetically engineered, and everyone is born with a “clock” on their arm that counts down a single year. The clock starts when you turn 25. You need to keep getting more time, as when your “clock” runs out, you will die.

It’s a not-too-subtle parable about the struggles between the class system: the characters are fairly 2-dimensional (with the occasionally more substantial moment), there are giant plot holes, it occasionally looks like a B-movie, and it’s probably half an hour too long, but for the most part, it does a good job of answering the promise of the trailer. There are some well-executed chase sequences, and listening to the dialogue where “time” expressions are inserted into figures of speech about money.

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