book: Revolutions in Worldview

Book: Revolutions in Worldview

One of two books recommended by my lecturer for this semester as useful background to the “Knowledge of God” subject I’m studying at the moment. And right he was – this is an overview of the concept of worldview from back before there was such a thing, written by a number of authors. As someone who doesn’t have much of a background in history or philosophy, this was an introductory-level text that nonetheless left me feeling out of my depth a number of times as I struggled to remember the various philosophers and their time periods of activity.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading this book, and it helped me have a better understanding of the philosophical framework at different times in history, so for that I’m grateful. A good overview, though be warned: a couple of chapters in particular don’t give much of a chance to come to grips with the secular philosophy before chiming in with “and here’s why they’re wrong, and Christianity is right”.

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