DVD – The Muppets

DVD: The Muppets

I missed this on the big screen: my kids are still too small to sit still for this long, so we waited until it was available to bring home. I’d heard only good things about this movie: the only question marks were around whether small children would be able to follow what was going on onscreen.

Having watched it with some grown-ups in their 30’s and kids up to late primary school age, it seems that the kids were consistently entertained, but the adults were absolutely loving it. There’s a real recreation of the kind of humour that was present in the original Muppet Show and Muppet movies: the same slapstick and puppet-based humour, some great breaking of the fourth wall, and drawing the humour from parts of life that make sense to kids.

One of the underlying plot points is whether the world is now too cynical for the type of humour that the Muppets offer: the Blues Brothers style plot of “getting the band back together” works well as a plot device, and to give individual characters their screen time.

If you were in any way a fan of the Muppets, then this movie is worth a look. 

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