book: the $100 startup

Book: The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

I’ve been reading author Chris Guillebeau’s “art of non-conformity” email newsletter for a couple of years, as he documents his ambition to travel to every country in the world (he’s most of the way through now, so he’s actually achieving this), and so when he wrote about this book any number of times, it made me curious. I had to put in a book depository order for a college book, so I added this one to my reading in-tray, and I managed to read it in just a few days.

It’s a densely packed mix of inspirational stories from people from all walks of life who have set up side businesses that have grown to the point where they’re now making a tidy living doing something they’re passionate about. In between the stories are practical steps that can be taken to set up your own business (once you work out what you want to do). It still won’t get you to the point where you will actually start, but it makes the journey seem that much easier.

A good combination of much of the online information product how-to guides, if you’re thinking about starting an online business (or even an offline business), this is a good place to start, and much cheaper than the “get rich quick on the¬†Internet” courses that you’ll find around the traps.

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