kitchen by mike, rosebery

Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

Five Senses coffee. 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery – not much of a street frontage – you need to head through the arch to be able to find your way into here, but it’s an enormous place: there’s a furniture and toy store attached too.

Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

If lunching in a converted warehouse appeals, this is one of the better places to do so.

pepe saya butter - Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

Pepesaya butter is there in abundance, and large slices of bread ($12 per loaf to take away). The food here is expensive, to say the least, but it’s of an excellent quality. The pork belly is fantastic, and the salads are really well balanced, with rich flavours. 

Where the Magic Happens - Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

There’s no shortage of coffee grinders here, and – while the ordering process is a little unclear to new visitors – they will bring the coffee to your table, and the babycinos are free.

Sugar - Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

The details are what makes the place: the sugar cubes are rough-hewn and sitting in open jars on the table.

Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

Coffee is good: the decaf is well made, and they know their way around the milk preparation.

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