Blue Chook, Hurlstone Park

blue chook, hurlstone park

Espresso Botero Coffee. 13/27-31 Crinan St, Hurlstone Park. I’ve never spent much time in this suburb, but had this place recommended to me and thought I’d check it out with the family. There’s not much to see from the street – a couple of sets of tables and small stools next door to a park and playground, but follow the ramp up to the indoor part of the cafe and you find a comfortable, homey space.

avocado smash. blue chook, hurlstone park

Avocado smash, with Cackleberry relish, $9. The food is really good. At first glimpse, the portions seem small, but there’s a great balance of flavours, and it’s a really pleasant dish.

strawberry milkshake: blue chook, hurlstone park

Milkshakes ($5) are probably the most fun thing on the menu. Served in a jar, with a straw attached via rubber band, you shake them yourself. And they taste great.

where the magic happens. blue chook, hurlstone park

Lots of attention to detail goes into the coffee: you can see the care that goes into it. Served a little hot for my taste, it’s nonetheless a great complexity. The espresso is a good one: not overwhelmed with acidity.

Worth checking out.

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