the house specialty coffee, chippendale

the house specialty roasters, chippendale

House coffee. 9 Knox St, Chippendale. A friend at work mentioned this blink-and-you’ll-miss it corner cafe, in the streets of Chippendale. Step inside and you’ll find yourself remarkably tall compared to the two staff!

the house specialty roasters, chippendale

This is because of the odd layout of the space: there are a number of steps down from street level to where the coffee machine and tiny kitchen are sitting. The guys working the machine used to roast over at little marionette, but are now running this space, and using their own blend, still roasted over at annandale.

where the magic happens, the house specialty roasters, chippendale

The coffee is really good: I can’t help but have a second freshly ground decaf on my way out the door. Worth a look.

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