A couple of moments I wanted to scribble down. Both involve my two year old daughter, who I don’t often mention on the blog.

In the last week, she has started wearing shoes. She loves walking and running (having started out with these hobbies fairly late), and the shoes have opened up a world of possibilities for her.

We were walking outside together. She was holding my hand. It had been raining, so there was a little bit of water on the ground: a trail of sorts. This trail was, to her, the best thing in the world. The excitement and happiness she brought to following that trail was the sort of thing you never see a grown-up bring to anything.

Then, later, after bedtime, the sound of crying emanated from her room. I went in, and she was upset (perhaps a bad dream) for a while, then wanted a cuddle, and then was ready to go back to sleep (lurching back out of my arms towards her bed.

It’s a good feeling to be useful, but even better to watch her joy.

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