Movie: The World’s End

I saw The World’s End with a friend on Friday night. Both the same age, somewhere around 20 years out from high school, this was a good film to see.

Are your school days the happiest days of your life? Almost certainly not, for a range of reasons. But the enduring friendships that are formed during the school days, and the issues involved in overcoming the challenges of time and other life changes are somewhat universal, especially to people of a certain age.

This movie (the third in the loosely formed “Three Colours Cornetto” trilogy, after Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) mashes up the idea of a reunion movie with (spoilers ahoy, but not if you’ve seen the trailer) a sci fi apocalypse movie, with lots of rather colourful language and copious drinking and drug references throughout.

As a fan of the previous two movies, I found this one to have a greater sense, if not of maturity then at least of a deeper understanding of the characters they’re writing and portraying. If you too are a fan of the previous films, you’ll enjoy this one.

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