First coffee of 2014 from cafedave on Vimeo.

One of my favourite Christmas presents was a surprise. I’d talked for a while with Kel about getting an aeropress, but thought we’d agreed that it was a needless expense, and a way of making coffee that requires a filter each time you use it.

In fact, a colleague had talked me through the whole process a number of years ago, before they were trendy, and I’d thought “that’s great for camping, but I’ll stay with espresso / plunger coffee when I have access to modern conveniences”.

I was wrong. This is a really easy way to make coffee, the setup is very fast, making the coffee is faster than plunger, and it’s easier to clean than plunger. I’m hooked. For home coffee making, unless you’re wanting to play around with espresso extraction and latte art, it’s hard to imagine something better.

I would highly recommend trying it out. (The cheapest I’ve found them is over in Marickville at West Juliett – review forthcoming someday – closed until January 13, but you can find them at Grind for $40.)

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  1. It's much faster than I thought it would be! Although perhaps because you are not making a full cup.. In Japan filter coffee is very popular but there seems to be a certain art to pouring the water and waiting…

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