fifty two (52) breakfasts

What’s your favourite breakfast? I recently made up a list of 52 breakfasts for a friend. Here they are.

  1. Weetbix with sliced fruit and milk
  2. granola with fruit
  3. bircher muesli
  4. weetbix with grilled cheese
  5. boiled eggs with vegemite soldiers
  6. eggs benedict
  7. french toast
  8. fried eggs with bacon
  9. poached eggs with spinach
  10. omelette – ham and cheddar
  11. omelette – spinach and mushroom with feta
  12. omelette – tomato and feta
  13. omelette – leftover roast lamb and mint
  14. omelette – tomato and bocconcini with basil
  15. croque monsieur
  16. omelette – mixed mushrooms
  17. omelette – rosemary potatoes
  18. omelette – chorizo
  19. omelette – smoked salmon with dill
  20. giant mushrooms on toast
  21. fruit salad and yoghurt
  22. ramekin lined with salmon, fill with scrambled eggs
  23. english muffins with fresh jam
  24. baked beans on toast
  25. scrambled eggs with crispy prosciutto
  26. omelette – asparagus and feta
  27. pancakes with bacon and maple syrup
  28. breakfast wrap – scrambled eggs and mexican spices
  29. sliced bananas and berries on brioche.
  30. breakfast trifle – muesli / granola with yoghurt and berry coulis
  31. porridge with brown sugar
  32. crepes
  33. porridge with peanut butter and mixed berries
  34. omelette – cheddar and pea
  35. croissant with jam
  36. croissant with ham and cheese
  37. potato cakes (left over mashed potato brushed with egg, mixed with some flour and some bacon or similar, then fried in a pan)
  38. blueberry muffin
  39. freshly baked bread rolls with boiled eggs
  40. baked eggs with leftover veggies
  41. hash browns
  42. mango smoothie
  43. baked ricotta with poached fruit
  44. marinated mushrooms and poached eggs
  45. chocolate coated brioche
  46. corn fritters
  47. mushroom bruschetta
  48. mushroom stuffed with goat cheese and ricotta
  49. vegemite on toast
  50. breakfast smoothie (add rolled oats, fruit and milk, with yoghurt)
  51. baked eggs with bacon and tomato
  52. breakfast stack – toast, baked beans, poached egg, spinach

What am I missing?

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  1. Great breakfast list!
    I'm not a breakfast person at all really – most days I just have a coffee. But sometimes, esp. if I've had a few wines the night before, I really like mushrooms on toast with a half grilled tomato.
    Jo @

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