apple TV – Guardians of the Galaxy

Apple TV: Guardians of the Galaxy 

I heard a lot of positive things about this film when it was out at the cinemas, but it wasn’t something I made time for. Seeing it available for rent, and having an unexpected free evening, I hit the “rent” button and checked it out. This seems a film that would be more fun to watch with a group of people.

It’s textbook “Marvel Tent-Pole” movie fare, hitting the general beats of such a film, but with a fresh sense of humour and self-awareness, while advancing the overarching Marvel Universe and its narrative arc.

If you’re in the right headspace for a mostly-brainless action movie with a bit of an emotional core, with a very Joss Whedon sense of constructed family, then it’s worth a look: perhaps think about skipping the opening 20 minutes or so, as it drags a bit at first.