Finbox, Thirroul

Fin Box, Bulli

White Horse Coffee. 269 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul. What started out as a surfboard store has grabbed the shop next door and incorporated a cafe selling a mix of White Horse (espresso) and Coal (cold brew) coffee.

Fin Box, Bulli

The emphasis is on coffee rather than food, though there are a few choices. The decor is simple – a feature has been made of the square tiles, and a few take-home items to buy (the wooden iPhone covers and cactus boxes are impressive little talking points.

Fin Box, Bulli

The feature wall has a large diagram of how to disarm someone who is carrying a coffee: hopefully it’s a skill you don’t need to develop.

If you’re in the neighbourhood in search of a good coffee, this place delivers a pleasant short stay.

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  1. A friend of mine told me that the coffee at Finbox was the best in the area so my wife and I went there on Sunday 12th April at 11:45am.
    I ordered a large skinny flat white and an English Breakfast tea to have in the café. The coffee was brought to our table and the young girl said the tea is on the way. My coffee was only luke warm so I drank it. After 10 to 15minutes I went up to the counter. I asked the young man with glasses who was making the coffee” How long does it take to make a tea. He rudely said “How long have you been waiting” I said “10 to 15 minutes and I have already finished my coffee” He replied” Well that is how long it takes to make a tea”
    My wife’s tea finally came.
    This reply was extremely rude and there was no apology for the delay. If I am having coffee in a café with my wife then both drinks should come together.
    Anyway the coffee was only average , only luke warm and the service and the response I received was extremely disappointing.
    I will not return to this café and I certainly will be letting others know as well.
    By the way the coffee is no way near the best in he area , very average.
    I can be contacted on 0414980708 should you wish to discuss this with me.
    Malcolm Rogers

    1. I’ve seen this cut and paste review on a few review sites now. I am a local, grew up around here and I haven’t spoke to anybody that has had even close to that experience, in truth it’s all been largely positive. Let it go.

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