netflix: overview

I’ve had a fairly busy month, with a fair bit of doing some laptop-work in the evening with something on the TV in the background. Much of the last month this has been some kind of Netflix show or movie, and overall I’ve been impressed.

The range is not exhaustive, though there is plenty to watch. Overall, though, it’s been the stability of the platform that I’ve enjoyed. The system remembers what you’ve watched, where you were up to, and there is not long to wait before whatever you’re trying to watch starts up.

Compared to Apple-TV, where you can wait minutes (sometimes much longer) before a movie, or even a trailer is ready to play, this is quite impressive. As much as I have wanted to support Dendy Direct, I’ve found their system to be really flakey in its connection from iOS device to Apple-TV via airplay. If i had to choose whether to support Dendy or the iTunes store, I would support Dendy, but if it’s not going to play back the movie without dropping sessions or endless buffering, then that’s going to be a problem.

Overall, it seems like having another streaming service available is going to be a good thing for improving the quality of every streaming entertainment provider.

The final question is whether having access to so much material is a helpful thing: I suspect it’s a little too tempting for me to watch more than I’m aiming to watch, and saps my enthusiasm for creating new things (it’s been, for example, a long time between blog posts here).

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