All you can eat content

When trying out an all-you can eat content site, it’s tempting to try and make the most of it. But what does it mean to get the most out of a subscription like that? How much value do you put on the discretionary use of your time? What price will your relationships pay when you recede from them for that first trial month, or three trial months?

My experience with Netflix has been mixed in that way. I’ve absorbed a lot of content, but paid less attention to it overall, ever multi-tasking with the laptop: the second and even third screen. People who have had Netflix for a few months ask if I’ve watched everything on there yet, as if its depths can be so easily plumbed. 

But a media subscription is not like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Your media intake needs to be carefully considered, as anyone who has suffered some kind of TV or video-game related dream will attest. 

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