Underestimating the power of a fresh start

Today was a fairly poorly-considered start to the year. Instead of having a ready-to-use check list of all the things I want to do differently, I treated it as any other day.

Failed attempt to sleep in – kids had other ideas. Attempts a Christmas present jigsaw puzzle that proved too hard for the kids. Lots of time to myself, mostly spent working on sermon prep: a necessary thing to complete but not something that will have a long life after I preach (it’s not destined to be a book, for example). Grazing in the fridge instead of eating more deliberately.
As a result of the sermon prep, I didn’t do much exercise today, so I’m not starting the new year with any fitness momentum as such.

But I cooked dinner for the kids. And the jigsaw puzzle was a map of the world, so I improved my underdeveloped knowledge of geography. I did some bible reading (some for the sermon, some to keep my Greek up to scratch).

Onward and upward.

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