Book: The Shallows

The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains I was reading an article written by the author, Nicholas Carr, on the subject of whether Google is making us stupid, and thought it would be worth reading the whole thing. Carr steps through all the history of a number of pieces of technology (after […]

book: no

A book on negotiation called “no” seemed intriguing so I grabbed it from the library. Professional negotiator Jim Camp has written this as a how-to guide for his own style of negotiation. Rather than wasting time with people-pleasing, but ultimately futile “yes-es” in the early stages of a negotiation, he advocates eliminating neediness and emotion […]

kindle book: a praying life – connecting to God in a distracting world

I’ve read a lot of books about prayer, but this one takes a different approach. Instead of talking about techniques or tips, recommending formulas or systems, it talks about how a relationship with God is much more of a relationship than we usually aim for. Author Paul E. Miller uses stories from us own life […]