Book: From the Garden to the City – the redeeming and corrupting power of technology

Book: From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology I’ve been reading (author) John Dyer’s blog Don’t Eat the Fruit for a long while, and like his take on technology. He’s a Christian and works for a bible college in Dallas, and has written this book to explain his understanding of […]

Book: Catch-22

Book: Catch-22 After I blogged the BBC Book Meme a friend loaned me a number of books I hand’t yet read. I remember starting this book years ago, but didn’t get very far. Judging by the amount of promiscuity in the novel (and some fairly graphic descriptions of same) it’s probably good that I waited to […]

book: ideas

Ideas: A History of Thought and Invention, from Fire to Freud It’s taken me over three years to read this book, but it was well worth the effort. Not that it’s hard to read (it’s a heavily referenced non-fiction work), just that there’s a lot to take in. Written from an atheist perspective, we start […]