Lost in Transition

It’s over. The move from Hurstville to Burwood is complete, and with it, my illusions that I don’t have much in the way of possessions. I think I had bought into the laptop advertisements: A man plays with his kids, and because he has a laptop with him, he’s still technically “at work”. The man […]

DIY long weekend

If you’re ever at a butterfly house, once you get used to the temperature and the humidity, you’ll have as much trouble as I did trying to take pictures of the fast-moving little creatures. Two separate walks on consecutive days have pinpointed for me all the things that are bad about the city, and everything […]


Since I have important things to do (finishing the writing of a sermon on Philemon for tomorrow night), I’ve managed to compensate by changing the look of the site, and getting the archives working (finally). Let me know if anything is broken, or with your thoughts on the new design.