apple tv: idiocracy

Idiocracy is one of those movies like Three Kings where it defies belief that someone funded the production of the story. An average person from today is put into suspended animation, and awakes, hundreds of years later, to a society where he is now the smartest person in the world. Its crass (in a frat-boy […]

dvd: the artist

DVD: The Artist Watch this 2010 silent, black and white film about the end of silent film and you’ll see why it won Best Picture for 2010. While telling a classic Hollywood love story, it celebrates what made silent cinema so effective, juxtaposed against the relentless desire for the latest kind of technology. Great performance […]

apple tv: the trip

The Trip is an unusual concept for a film: two British comedians, playing fictionalised versions of themselves, go on a road trip together to visit some fancy British restaurants in the North of England. The original plan was that Steve Coogan would have taken his girlfriend, and so there’s much discomfort to be had in watching […]