netflix: hummingbird

Netflix: Hummingbird (aka Redemption) The cliche of “ex-special-forces” gets another run in this beautifully shot, well-acted Statham performance. From the writer/director of Locke (the Tom Hardy film where he has a series of phone calls during a long evening’s drive), there are a number of interesting visual ideas throughout (though there are a few scenes of various […]

netflix: the way way back

Netflix: The Way Way Back   I remembered something positive about the movie from Mark Kermode, and was looking for something Kel and I could both watch and enjoy. It’s a coming-of-age story for a withdrawn teenager in a broken up family, with some excellent performances (particularly from Toni Collette and Sam Rockwell).   If you’re looking for something […]

From renting to buying

When I was a teenager, the largest store in my suburb changed from being a “variety” store to being a video store. The upcoming new release was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Rentals of new releases were somewhere around $5 for an overnight rental, and – I think – $2 for a weekly rental. Having a […]

back on the horse

Having reached an inflection point in my current workload, it’s time to try and recreate the habit of regular writing. I’m continuing to read, though it’s mostly a mix of online news sources related to tech and social media online news sources related to Christian thinking social media updates half-completed books on the Kindle  my friend […]

netflix: overview

I’ve had a fairly busy month, with a fair bit of doing some laptop-work in the evening with something on the TV in the background. Much of the last month this has been some kind of Netflix show or movie, and overall I’ve been impressed. The range is not exhaustive, though there is plenty to […]

apple TV – Frost : Nixon

Apple TV: Frost/Nixon  I’d added this to my wishlist a long while back, having heard good things about Michael Sheen turning in another transformative performance, and Frank Langella’s Nixon. I’m a few years too young to know much of Nixon except – as the movie points out towards the end – the tendency we have today of […]