book: the hungry cat

I’m not citing this as a book I’ve only recently read – I haven’t seen it around in years. Phyllis King’s The Hungry Cat is a book that teaches counting in an unorthodox way. The cat goes to a restaurant, eats the entire menu, in increasing quantity, and then feels sick, and rids himself of the food.

the hungry cat - menu

Am I the only one who has seen this book before? I think these extracts should explain why the book is no longer being sold.

up came the 6 pineapples

up came the 9 puddings

2 thoughts on “book: the hungry cat”

  1. I think it’s just our family, I’ve never seen it anywhere else. I know it almost off by heart now, which is a bit frightening.
    “Now I feel hungry again,” said the cat.

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