Cafe Banksia, Sydney CBD

Cafe Banksia, Sydney CBD

Toby’s Estate coffee. 1 Castlereagh St, Sydney. The last time I was drinking coffee here, it was a Hudson’s Coffee franchise store, but now it’s been remodelled. In the corner, two chesterfields with a coffee table, elsewhere are larger tables and benches with stools: there are a range of options for eating in.

They’re selling brasserie bread products – I had a fantastic ham and cheese panini – really good balance between the ingredients: a great breakfast starter.

Not the cheapest cafe in the city – it’s $3.80 for a large takeaway coffee, and then a decaf tax of 50c on top, but they have a decaf grinder, and the coffee comes out with a smooth, earthy flavour. A solid cup, and an elegant, well-lit environment to enjoy it.

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  1. I love this place! I was just searching for their online catering menu when i saw your review. did you know they are licenced now? pretty good new menu but my favourite pork roll was discontinued till winter but the lamb is amazing and i dont mind paying more because i know they use quality stuff.. and recycle.. very rare in the city!

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