a clean desk

a clean desk

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My favourite scene in The Shining is the stack of paper where "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is typed up. In that spirit, perhaps this snapshot of my bedside table will give some insight into my psyche at the moment. I’m not suggesting that it’s the same kind of thinking exactly, but there’s certainly a feeling that I’m trying to keep a lot of plates spinning at once, and perhaps not experiencing the sense of success in everything that I’d like to.

Kel pointed out today that – after a month of having been almost unavailable due to pre-booking – it’s normal to feel a bit out of touch with people. The more weighty question is, of course, has anyone actually noticed? Either way, there are implications for how best to spend time with people.

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  1. Do you mean has anyone noticed that you are often unavailable due to pre-booking then the answer is yes – I don’t expect you guys to ever be available without about 2 months notice. This has been proven a wise assumption to make as Kel was unavailable on A saturday afternoon on 3 weeks notice and when I asked you when you were free for the Feuerzangenbowle you only had one possible weekend out of 5!!! Ever get the feeling you are way too busy??

  2. David, this is your lunch speaking. We’ve got issues and we need to talk.

    Do you remember back in the old days? You used to spend TIME with me. You used to ENJOY me. What’s changed?

    [puts on Kasey Chambers “Am I Not Pretty Enough?”]

    Am I just a source of quick energy for you? Is that all I am? You think I’m like some donut from a donut store that you can just wolf down in a hurry at your desk?

    What happened to taking me to the great outdoors, Dave? What’s gone wrong?

  3. How lucky am i then…..i feel like i’ve seen you and Kel heaps in the last few weeks 🙂 yay for Kel’s nan turning 80, and even in sad times it was still good to see you during my recent sydney visits.

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