fresh cafe, katoomba st katoomba

A little more expensive than the average cafe in the mountains, but the serving sizes are more generous. A good place to recharge after a day of walking.

One unusual sight here is that of in-house coffee roasting – on a small scale (compared to a Toby’s Estate or a Campos), with the beans on-sale.

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  1. The problem with the instore roasting at ‘Fresh’, is that no one there knows anything about roasting coffee!
    I’ve chatted with the manager there a few times. All they do is dump a measured amount of beans in the gas-fired, fluid bed roaster on the counter, set the timer and walk away!
    There’s no changes to the roast profile for different beans, no attempt to check and see if the beans are going too far in the roast (nearly always the case). He knew nothing of first crack and secod crack…
    And (on another note), he admitted to pre-grinding beans for the busy lunch runs – but often having some pre-ground still left at 4pm.. Eeeaww!

    All of which perhaps proves that ‘Fresh” is not always best! 😉

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