anise cafe – king st newtown

The new owners have – I’m reliably informed – increased the prices, but it remains a place on King St where pleasant coffee and cafe breakfasts – with a french style to them – can be had. Try the courtyard out the back: it’s a good 5 degrees cooler in summer. High marks also for the lychee / strawberry / mint frappe: very refreshing.

New – Updated review of Anise cafe!

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  1. Hi there, I am the current owner of anise. Thanks for your review. Just for the record we took over the day before you posted this review and had not at that stage made any changes to the menu or prices. Now eight months down the track there have been loads of changes to the menu, decor, coffee and service – for the better we’ve been told. We now also open on Friday and Saturday nights for dinner. Please pop in again and see what you think. Also is it possible to update the photo?? Cheers Peisha

  2. This place goes off! Peisha, Anton and the rest of the staff are really friendly and go to any lengths to make sure your visit is memorable and pleasing. I’ve been in there practically every single day for the last few months (unless I’ve been away). I can’t get enough of their coffee (Anton, you are the KING) and their food is really quite spesh too – whether you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Anise ROCKS! 😀

  3. I’m sorry! but I went to Anise and the service was s**! There was a rude waitress and the coffee was cold. The food was average and it wasn’t that clean. I wont be going back and I’m telling my friends not to either.

  4. Bad service at Anise? I dont think that is possible.
    Great friendly staff and the best home made cafe style food in Newtown.
    Very organised service.
    I went away and couldnt find as good of a coffeee anywhere!

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