Croydon village foods cafe

A friendly, comfortable atmosphere, and expertly prepared food fast. The takeaway coffee I ordered was really hot, so it was a bit hard to judge the quality. Still the best coffee experience I’ve had in Croydon.

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  1. Great coffee.
    The best kept secrets are the burgers. They are Huge, full of flavour, a great range of hamburgers including the burger with the lot, Chicken burgers including smokey BBQ chicken, chicken schnitzel, the best by far is the barra burger.
    The Greek food is to die for. Must try the spanakopita, moussaka and the pastitso.
    The salads are fresh and varied.
    You have to try this place.

  2. gret food ,great little shop.

    i had the milkshake with my Calamari burger ,
    Both were excellent and HUGE
    Good on Ya

  3. i know its unhealthy but me and my “walking group of friends” (Walking home to school and vice versa) we occassionallu purchase hot fries with the free chicken salt and tomato sauce.
    sometimes they’re served too hot but they’re very very cheap and you get alot and they’re great quality.
    the staff are really friendly and they remember their customers.
    i especially enjoy the photographs on the walls of the history of the strand, i think that means alot and shows that perhaps this store is the only thing besides the railway that has survived from the past. =)
    ive been getting fries for 3years now, im in 10th grade and im stil loving them like crazy !!
    i reccommend them to EVERYONE. xx


  4. The owner Peter is rude and ignorant, and I've never said that about anyone else on this planet

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