Jacana café, berry square north sydney

Still being built espresso on sale, but no kitchen yet, three people buzz around an espresso machine, placing the Segafredo takeaway cups. Pricey, at $2.50/$3.50, and with a metallic taste that overpowers any sense of coffee flavour, I don’t think I’ll be back. Your mileage may vary, though.

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  1. Hi Cafe Dave
    I’d recommend you try Jacana Cafe again as they have now been opened for just over a year and have created an excellent reputation for good coffee & great food. I work in the area & love the atmosphere there. If you tell the Barista Greg your name & order, he’ll remember it forever. Try it!

  2. At Jessica’s request, I’ve gone back to the cafe, and they have indeed tidied up their act significantly. It now tastes like coffee, and would be among the best Segafredo coffees I’ve had.

    Greg makes coffee in a way I disagree with: he isn’t grinding the beans fresh for every shot, and the way he lifts the milk isn’t the way that I’d do it, but he’s efficient and courteous, and does seem to have a prolific memory.

  3. Cafe jacana has a new Barista from Italy and i must say since Francesco has been working there he has added a european touch to the bar with his friendly service and provides a real european coffee which is hard to find in sydney. good on you Francesco without my good italian coffee every day and your cute smile i would not survive.

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