The green olive deli cafe , burwood

Illy coffee. A blend of delicatessen and cafe; indoor and outdoor seating, range of items on sale that would rival any gourmet store, plus a sandwich bar ready to sell a wealth of lunch options. Staff are reserved, a greek man works the coffee machine, a lady – his daughter? – handles the food orders.

Local businesspeople wander in occasionally; burwood is still waking up in front of me. Coffee is not too bad; the latte is presented well, but i’m here too early to receive the best the machine has to offer… There’s no sound of the grinder to be heard, sadly.

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  1. I was in there this morning and just had to say it was one of the most APPALLING experiences! They charged me $4.80 for ONE mug (a small mug at that) of coffee! When I challenged the price, I was met with a rude surly woamn who looked at me and said ‘Yeah, whatever’. I wasn’t even being rude when I challenged the price.

    I have NEVER paid that much for a coffee, even in upmarket restaurants and to be honest, it sure wasn’t the best coffee in the world.

    Places like Campos in Newtown, charge $3 for a large coffee and are rated as the best in Sydney.

    The Green Olive have a LOT to learn about what repeat customers can do for a business. I won’t be going back!

  2. Im actually a local in Burwood and have to say that it is one of it not the best cafes in Burwood and far exceeds most places in Balmain. In reference to the last comment posted I think it should be ignored as The Green Olive is very welcoming and I think people dont mind paying for great Illy coffee. The food is terrific especially the vegetable lasagne and antipasto pizzas. The sandwhiches are also great and very filling. I have to say I have sampled everything there is to offer and all is quite delightful. I’ve eaten at the most spectacular restaurants in sydney and it nice to have a change from restaurant food to great hearty homecooked style food. I have on many occassions just purchased dinner for the family and enjoyed it at home and also had the lady’s at the Olive cater for functions. This is a truly special place which cannot be missed.

  3. This is my favourite cafe in Burwood!! Fantastic food – very high standard, fresh ingredients, made on the premises by outstanding cooks. Friendly service.
    I have used this business for catering and everyone was blown away. The desserts are amazing!! The owners go out of their way to ensure you are completely happy. If only all businesses offered this kind of service. You have to try it!!

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