roasting – experiment one

roasting – experiment one

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Way back on Valentine’s day, kel gave me a popcorn popping machine: I’d read that it was possible to use them as inexpensive coffee roasters.

A few weeks later, I finally have some green beans (courtesy of Gav and Martine at single origin roasters, and this morning I set everything up and had a go.

To help me out, I referred to these detailed roasting instructions – now that I’ve tried it, I am starting to realise how little I know about coffee. There’s a lot more experimenting to do before I’m even going to try making coffee with these beans.

Sadly, post-roasting breakfast went by without even a coffee: just a blueberry bagels with some of (Canberra friend) kirsti’s homemade strawberry jam – best I’ve tasted in a long time.

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