Mickey potts coffee and tea, burwood

Crave coffee. Another café in burwood westfield, one of the few that’s open before 8am. Lots of comfortable-looking seating, and friendly staff.

A few other items on the menu; cakes and rolls, mostly. Not a bad cup, but I suspect there’s better to be had in burwood: they bill themselves as tea specialists, but I didn’t have a chance to test out their tea.

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  1. So I sit here and read all about your coffee shops right, and I don’t even like coffee. And today – finally one I can relate to! I think I bought a coke at Mickey Potts once. The reason I remember? I’ve only bought coke about three times in my entire life.

  2. Wow. I haven’t had a coke in a long while, but three in one lifetime is pretty low.

    Glad you’re enjoying the reviews, even if it’s tough to relate.

    I once met a guy who had made it through an entire PhD having never had a coffee… he used to take no-doz tablets, instead.

  3. THe best coffee and service in Burwood by far!!!!! It is always a fantastic experience at Mickey potts coffee and tea!!!!

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