Bowan island bakery, burwood

Toby’s estate coffee. Just above greater union cinema, the soundscape here comes from the nearby clothing stores, and from the piped-in westfiled music. Softly beneath tjese sounds, the footsteps of shoppers are heard.

The café seems to do more takeaway business than eat-in, but has seating for about 30 people, if you’re not bothered by the visual and auditory distractions. I’m here to read, as soon as my coffee arrives; i’m hoping it’s less distracting than browsing the web.

Coffee is slow making its way out; they’re a little understaffed, and the priority is given to takeaway customers. Wheb it arrives, it’s well-presented, a tiny heart latte art. The coffee smells good, but seems like it was extracted too hot: still good for a shopping centre coffee.

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