Café 33, north sydney

Allpress coffee. At the base of the sun building, on the pacific highway: mostly serving people in the building, five people buzz around handling breakfast orders. Prices seem ok, and the place is doing a roaring trade.

Coffee takes a while to arrive, and when it does, it’s an unusual flavour that takes a few sips to get used to. Not my favourite coffee, but it was okay: good temperature, and not too thin.

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  1. This cafe doesn’t seem to be doing so well since the opening of the other cafe right behind the building. Their coffee’s and hot chocolate are too expensive for the quality, and coffee seems burnt to taste which is a major let down. The owner doesn’t realise his temperature of coffee is too high and it ruins the flavour. He should make the buy 5 get one free deal, not buy 8 get one free. He needs to start hearing the feedback from customers and do something about it…if he wants to continue in this business

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