Lemon twist café, surry hills

Schibello coffee. Chilled, but with bright yellow floor, this place is memorable from first sight. Lunch and breakfast options, and the complimentary water comes with a slice of lemon.

Coffee is good; pleasant temperature, perhaps a little thin, but a good accompaniment to breakfast, which is served with, you guessed it – lemon – on the side.

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    People need to know not to support LEMON TWIST!
    Why? VERY BAD ATTITUDE! That’s why…

    Rule 1. The customer is always right!
    Rule 2. If the customer is wrong, refer to rule 1.

    There are plenty of places to choose from… And it doesn’t have to be Lemon Twist!

    It is a tough and competitive industry out there, and If I am going to spend my hard earned money having breakfast and coffee, I’m paying, so there is no reason why I should tolerate BAD ATTITUDE. I voted with my feet and walked out of Lemon Twist, and the last straw was being told by the waiter that is was me who had the bad attitude! OMG Mister…. Customers are GOLD! And customers are the reason you exist… NEWSFLASH… Customers NEVER have an attitude! And even if you think they do, they are paying and entitled to say if things are not up to scratch… if that is too much for you to handle, then you are in the wrong business! Friendly, customer focused service is KEY to survival in these difficult and competitive times. For me you have blown it completely… I will never set foot in the Lemon Twist again…

    Fellow readers… please don’t risk it! There are other choices 🙂

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