Toby’s estate, chippendale

Toby’s estate coffee – espresso rico. Over looking queen victoria park, near sydney uni, the first impression is that the staff are a bit distracted with taking orders. After a bit of a wait, i’m in the queue while the barista carefully makes each coffee. Some upbeat music plays quietly; a range of teas, coffees and coffee machines are on sale, all fairly pricey. You can even pick up a coffeelab ergonomic tamper for $90.

It’s a long wait for the coffee, even though the store is fairly quiet. They manage to make my takeaway order as an eat-in, but catch it before offering it to me. Coffee is well made, good temperature and texture, but i’m not sure about the blend; on first taste there’s something not quite right about it, but it settles down soon enough. Overall, not the best toby’s experience. Stick to their Woolloomooloo store, I think.

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