Café envy, summer hill

Karmee coffee. Big courtyard overlooking franklins, soothing music piped across, soft coversations in the background; a good place to relax or to study. No table numbers to take to a table here. A range of inexpensive sweets abound on the blackboard menu.

Coffee takes a little while to appear, and when it arrives is delivered with a flourish. Good strength, temperature and texture, and a pleasant taste after an initial, questionable sip.

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  1. I contest that coffee takes a while to appear; in my experiences by the time I order, walk out to the courtyard and get settled, the Karmee coffee has walked out a couple of steps behind me.

    Now if they’d only use raw sugar.. 🙂

  2. I was definitely waiting a while, but they were pretty busy that morning. It probably doesn’t help that I get settled pretty quickly, ’cause I’m waiting to write about the coffee.

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