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Back to part-time study and full-time work, and back in the swing of things again, I think. College study is great: where else could you borrow a book titled Reading Luke-Acts in its Mediterranean Milieu. I’m looking forward to having a better grasp of the book of Acts over the next several weeks, along with a more solid understanding of the old testament.

It’s hard coming back to study, even after a short break. All the thinking that you’ve done for a few weeks has been on – let’s say more shallow things.

This week’s Old Testament lecture talked about covenants: the promises that God made to various people in the Old Testament. You have your promises made to Abraham (the Abrahamic covenant, or AC), the promises made to Moses (the Mosaic covenant, or MC), and each of these fits under the framework of the Old Covenant (OC). Promises made to Christians fit under the New Covenant (NC).

Where am I going with this? When I read “the OC” on another person’s laptop, I immediately thought of the TV show, and for a few moments, was unable to concentrate on the lecture.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the pace I’m keeping that I’m starting to view days in segments, not as continuous entities. When did that happen? Oh, that was today.

Wise advice from a friend today: (caution, old testament references)

Rest is an integral part of God’s plans, creation, and desire for you. The Israelites had the death penalty for people who didn’t rest enough.

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