Third rock café, beverly hills

Piazza d’oro coffee. Open for dinner and lunch, this is an after-church haunt for the local anglicans. Good range of mains around the $20 mark.

Coffee is a little on the hot side, but well made, and pleasant to drink.

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  1. Wendy wrote: (August 20, 2009 at 10:14 am)
    Hi Cafedave, Saw your review of 3rd Rock Cafe in Beverly Hills. What do you mean by restricting it to an after church haunt for Anglicans? Several local denominations use it and the Anglicans can easily be outnumbered. Some weeks we could suggest a prayer meeting and only a few tables would object. [It depends on the movies over the road] The owners obligingly split the bills for these groups, in spite of no-one spemding up big, and are very accommodating.

    Wendy, thanks for your comment – I’ve moved it from the original post to here… I think I need to take a new photo of this cafe!

    On the night that I was there, there was a large table of people, some of whom I’d met before, from a nearby Anglican church: I certainly meant no offence by the remark!

  2. I went to this place its a pretty relaxed environment and good food with decent prices. Unsure what you meant about Anglicans, we got welcomed in. Haha me and my husband were walking up and down the streets looking around and decided to go into 3rd rock in the end the one we were going to go in the first place.

  3. Love this place! I was googling it to find opening hours, and this page was one of the top entries. Nice going cafedave 🙂

    Had my first date here with my (now) wife.

    Studied through uni many times hours on end here with coffee after coffee.

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