Angela jayne: coffee; food; art- drummoyne

Toby’s estate coffee. I have a little while longer before clas starts, so I drift up the road a little further to this café, also in the coffee guide sydney.

A bell rings loudly as the door opens, taking me by surprise. The smell indoors is of baking, and it’s quite overpowering, in a good way. I regret only being here for the coffee: there are pies and cakes made here that look well worth investigating.

Coffee takes a while: there are two staff, making fairly elaborate meals, baking and making coffees. Meals come with free water, which is a pleasant touch. Coffee is quite good: a mix-up in the orders means that mine is remade in a hurry, and it’s a little foamy, but it still has that familiar toby’s comfort-factor to it.

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