La deliziosa, five dock

Caffe di stefano coffee. On great north road, in the heart of a busy shopping strip, this café has a massive kitchen at the back., where all manner of beautiful pastries and cakes are prepared.

Staff take a while to take orders, but the coffee is ready in a flash once the order is taken. Coffee is well made: thick, hot, not too strong

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  1. You’re not wrong when you say that “staff take a while to take orders”. When I arrived the barista was busy sending a txt msg from his phone. I had to drag him away from it and ordered a flat white. After waiting over 10 mins I looked over to see what he was doing, and yes you guessed it, he was busy txting a gain. So I asked if he wouldn’t mind making my coffee. Few mins later he plonked a cuppucino in front of me. Don’t think I’ll be going back there again.

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