Swerve café, Mosman

Swerve house blend coffee. Has a little of the mosman attitude: there’s a sense of not being quite worthy – perhaps I’m too scruffy this morning. Four front-of-house staff, and a couple more out the back.

Coffee, despite two baristas and not too many customers – is a while in coming out. As it turns out, this is so the food and coffee arrive at once. Coffee is good – perhaps not the best in mosman, but distinctive, rich in flavour, and an excellent strength and texture.

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  1. Totally disagree with the negative comments.
    Swerve coffee puts the sunshine in my day. Cheers guys !

  2. A great place to take small children. we had a delightful lunch with 3 children under 6 years. The food was tasty the children were very happy and contented and the service was very good.

  3. The tea here is a real find. Everyone is into their coffee but I am sick of paying $3 – $4 for a tea bag. Swerve uses tea leaves, lets them sit and serves a piping hot pot every time. The front of house staff are delightful, particularly Rachelle and Vic. Try the corn fritters!!! Food is great and it’s child friendly.

  4. I now live in Switzerland and miss the coffee shops of Mosman. Never complain about your coffee taking too long, it is Sydney society that makes you believe that. In Europe, everything takes time! Also, we are so lucky to have such great cafes right on our doorstep in Mosman.

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