Café Bello, Burwood

Piazza d’oro coffee. 100 Burwood Rd, Burwood. A Burwood institution; fairly high prices, largely due to its Vurwood-road-but-in-Westfield location. Normally I’m scared away by a breakfast menu where the meals include chips, and indeed this is a reflection of the target demographic – the whole family, including the older generation.

There are booths and tables, the menu has generous serving sizes, and even when crowded, it’s still fairly quiet. Staff are friendly and efficient – taking note of when customers are ready to order.

Coffee – the lattes are served in the tall glasses that have a handle – has a thick head of froth, and has a bit of that metallic taste on first sample. There’s no buzz of the grinder, either. Overall, a good job on the milk, but the shot itself is disappointing.

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  1. The second Café in the series that I recognise / have been to! Can’t say I remember much about it though, it was a year or so ago at least that I was there. Ha, I probably ate chips ;-).

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