Café Del Trio, North Sydney (new owners)

Caffe Musetti coffee. 121 Walker St, North Sydney. New owners, and now a new brand of coffee. Today they’re settling in to the new brand, so the coffee is free! They also have a new range of cards; buy five, get one free.

A rep from Musetti keeps adjusting the machine, which slows down their normally prompt service. The staff are welcoming and helpful, ever keen to explain the menu.

Coffee is disappointing; where once a different brand made the coffee stand out, it’s now merely ordinary: perhaps this is opening day jitters: let’s hope so.

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  1. It’s my daily morning pit-stop, before getting into work, need my long black.
    Love their banana bread (had few too many) and the fruit salad, love the service, the coffee isn’t too bad (I had worse, had better, but not on the way to work).

  2. I honestly don’t know what your on about! Do you know your coffee at all??

    I travel around the world and have had the pleasure to experience Musetti Coffee in Italy, Greece, America and now in my home town suburb North Sydney. It is as great in Trio Deli as anywhere else i have had it. You should go back and have another try.

  3. Sorry Julia, I’ve tried it again, and it’s still disappointing. Obviously, coffee preferences are subjective things, and I’m just not impressed by this brand of coffee. In this case, it was too watery, and I’m not a fan of the flavour.

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. Hi Dave,

    Easter from Trio bought this to our attention.
    She is concerned that you have not yet experienced the coffee at it’s best and we would like to invite you into our warehouse so you may experience the Musetti label in all it’s glory. This is our very basic coffee but we have 17 blends to offer with 5 of them being CSC Certified which not many other brands can boast. Please call us on 02 9787 8200 and lets see if we cannot make your Musetti experience a pleasurable one!

  5. Love the coffee. The service is always cheerful and quick. Keep up the good work!

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