Chocolate Dog café, Newtown

Merlo espresso coffee. 549 King St, Newtown. The name of this King St staple has long intrigued me, and today I manage to find some parking nearby, and try the place out. It has a mix of indoor and outdoor seating, and even mid-afternoon it hosts a few apparently regular customers.

Coffee comes out in an opaque latte glass; the glass itself has seen better days, but the coffee is what you’d expect; perhaps a little over-frothed, but easily drinkable: similar to Grinders coffee but even less bitterness.

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  1. I’ve been to the Chocolate Dog, and I took my own dog, not a chocolate one though, just a little black + white one on the way home from puppy school. They have good food 🙂

  2. Went there yesterday. Had a long black and 2 sticks of Drum original. The coffee was great – strong and hot, just the way I like most things. I will be back. Number 2 to Newscaf further up the road. Next time I go I’ll try it with a Nat Sherman cigarettello. You go, you win. You dont, umm, I dunno. Just go. Skweekah

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