Oven, Cremorne Point

Paul Bassett coffee. 89 Parraween Street, Cremorne. A really unusual space, mostly wood, with a circular skylight in the middle. Crema milk is on offer, and there are a range of sandwiches and sweets for sale too.

A friendly, efficient barista is at work behind the counter, and another waitress is also at work in the kitchen.

Coffee takes a little while – there’s a queue due to the popularity of the place – but it’s really good. Slightly sweet, hot and a little thin, but the lastng impression is of great coffee; it’s no wonder most of the customers were ordering seconds!

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  1. […] One of the drinks on my coffees t-shirt is the chilled cappucino, or cappucino freddo. When I spotted a cafe freddo on the menu at oven, I had to try it to see what such a drink is like: I haven’t seen one on a menu anywhere else! […]

  2. this is a terrible cafe, used to be good a couple of months ago but new mgt and staff are no good. place is dirty, there was a cockroach running around on the floor. pity

  3. Jonno, I’d have to disagree with you: the coffee there is still really good: last time I walked past there, they were repainting the floor, and cleaning up. Might be worth a revisit once they re-open for the year.

  4. dave, i agree the coffee is still good but a good cafe isn’t all about the coffee: its the whole package – and this cafe doesnt have this, it doesnt have any personality or feel to the place, just feels dead. i would get a takeaway coffee from there, but thats it. the old owner, think his name was dieter, ran this place much better. but i will check it out in the new year to see if they’ve ‘cleaned’ their act up – hopefully youre right!!

  5. I purchased two basic bacon & egg rolls with two regular latte’s from there on the 18th August 2010 (all takeaway) and it cost me $24.00!!! The rolls were tiny, the bread was hard enough to chip your tooth and the coffee was so bitter and half full of froth.
    Places like these, I will not recommend and hope to see these businesses go bust. Don’t go there!

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