Blackwattle Deli, Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont

Toby’s estate coffee. Shop 8A, Sydney Fish Markets Pyrmont. The fish markets are a haven for foodies, and this deli with seating for 15-20 is where they can buy their non-foodie treats. Staff are friendly, though living in fear of the tidal rush of busyness that is endemic to the fish market food court.

Coffee is a good Toby’s Estate experience, it’s hot, a good texture, and leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth long after finishing. A good spot for a coffee fix amidst searching for the perfect seafood.

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  1. ive personaly found the safe at the black wattle deli 2nd to none, they have an incredible wealth of knowledge from years of experience. easy to deal with and always a pleasure. there coffee is sensational too. well done ladies.

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