Grind – Surf Road, Cronulla

Espresso di manfredi coffee. Richard calabro’s weekday café venue is opening Monday December 11th 2006 in a new location: 6 Surf Road, Cronulla.

Update: Single Origin Roasters coffee. I try to make it to this cafe once a week – even the decaf tastes like real coffee!

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  1. hi there,
    i visited your store a couple of days ago and i found the service i received less than impressive. they way i was spoken to was disgusting and worst of all the coffee was terrible it tasted burnt and didnt have any care in its making.
    i was very dissapointed in my experience at your shop. i will never return and would not recommend to any one else! i can not believe the way that i was treated.

  2. Krystal,

    Sorry you had a bad experience at Grind. It’s not actually my shop: I’m just a regular there. I’m surprised that you had an experience like that, though: I’ve found that the people at grind take more care with their coffee than most places in Sydney.

  3. wow krystal,

    u must of gone to the rong place
    grind is lyk the best place on this plannet for coffee
    & the people are really nice too

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