Lime Tree Café, Merimbula

Organic free trade coffee. Open space, lots of aluminium chairs; seating for fifteen inside and another eight outside. Staff are friendly; there’s a sandwich bar and a choice of cakes.

Overall, the space is like a converted suburban bakery; painted walls, paved floor, simple furnishings, but the branding is upmarket.

Coffee is freshly ground to order, and as such takes a little while to arrive, but there’s a spontaneous apology for the wait – a good sign. It’s a smooth, drinkable temperature, good texture for a latte, and if I hadn’t brought my own coffee machine with me, I’d be stopping by here in the mornings for the daily heart-starter.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m planning a trip to Merimbula and was pleased to come across your reviews as I can’t bear to be too far from a good coffee – however I just want to point out that I think what you meant to write was FairTrade Coffee, not Free Trade (a big difference!) Looking forward to checking them out!

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